Regional Project

Innovative interfaces for the communication of Ligurian Cultural Heritage

Short Title: INTER-CH

Principal Investigator: Chiara Eva Catalano
Strategic Areas: Information Technology | Scienze del patrimonio storico-culturale
Project Areas: Technologies for Cultural Heritage Use and Preservation


Erika Brunetto, Bianca Falcidieno, Michela Mortara, Corrado Pizzi

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Funding Body

POR Liguria 2014-2020 - FSE

Year of start/end

2020 / 2022




3D acquisition and modelling | Augumented Reality | cultural heritage | Graphical interfaces | Interactive experiences | Virtual reality


INTER-CH aims at training new highly interdisciplinary professionals for the development of interactive experiences in the communication and consumption of cultural heritage by innovative physico-virtual interaction technologies (such as interactive tables, viewers for virtual or augmented reality). The project aims to combine competences in computer graphics and human computer interaction with knowledge of the cultural context to which these technologies are applied, considering such components as essential resources for a new, emotional and engaging dissemination.

CNR-IMATI is the coordinator of the project, SPX Lab is the industrial partner, Fondazione Museo della Ceramica di Savona is a supporting body and l'Assessorato all'Ambiente e Rifiuti, Servizi Civici e Informatica, under whose competences the maintenance and enhancement of the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno fall, is an interested subject.

The main objective is the study and development of innovative techniques for the management of digital content aimed at the consumption of cultural heritage. Research activities focussing on  processing and management of 2D and 3D models are carried out to support physico-virtual interactions. Moreover, a software application will be developed, for an effective communication of the selected cultural use cases.

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