The mission of IMATI "E. Magenes" is to provide the knowledge and the infrastructure for the development and diffusion of applied mathematics and computer science as tools to address engineering and societal challenges. IMATI aims at excellence in the scientific production, at meaningful presence in high level education initiatives, at participation and leadership in international research projects and at providing innovation tools to the local productive system.
With its three Sections (Pavia, Milano and Genova) IMATI is a cutting edge research institution in mathematics and computer science for applications. With their wide spectrum skills in developing and using state of the art methodologies, and in adapting them to a given problem, researchers at IMATI aim at facing challenges arising from applications in fields as diverse as medicine and biology, engineering, social sciences, climate and environment.


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CIG 9729563163

Affidamento, in concessione, del servizio di organizzazione e gestione del convegno scientifico International Geometry Summit 2023

  • Pubblicazione: 28 Mar 2023
  • Scadenza: ore 18:59 del 07 Apr 2023
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